Hembery believes that a short learning period is enough for Räikkönen

Hembery believes that a short learning period is enough for Räikkönen

Turun Sanomat 25.1.2012 22:43:32

As a new user of Pirelli F1-tyres is Kimi Räikkönen who returns to the tracks. This way the Italian brand has as the first one in F1-history six world champions at the same time.

Pirelli got praisal for last season's colorful races in F1. Now the expectations are even higher.

Turun Sanomat was offered an opportunity to interview Pirelli Motorsport's manager Paul Hembery.

Six WDCs in the serie, is F1 now having their highest level of all times?

– I think so - considering that there is also a bunch of talented drivers who haven't won the championship. The level is very tough, maybe the toughest one we have ever seen. If the cars' level is also as tough and their performance ability touches the sky, then we can expect a number of amazingly great races, Hembery thinks.

Räikkönen had time to drive during WRC-season 2010 with Pirelli's tyres. How well does Hembery know Kimi?

– We didn't especially get to know each other although our team did. I met Kimi twice. He is a silent guy and normally we strive to keep a distance to all drivers. We aren't looking for someone to chat with. The drivers come to us when they need something.

– However it's a good thing for Kimi that he has experience of working with us. Based upon that he understands that we strive to deliver a reliable top service to everybody.

Räikkönen drove with Pirelli tyres for the first time in Valencia. How did they follow the test from Pirelli?

– Not at all because it was Lotus-team's own thing, Hembery said.

Sensitivity of the car will help Kimi

Will the changes made to the tyres for this year help Räikkönen reach the advantage other drivers have after working for years with Pirelli?

– I have seen Kimi's comments both before and after the test in Valencia about how he has to learn the tyres. That is a big difference compared to others when looking at it from his side. However Kimi is one of the most exceptional drivers of all times that we have seen in this sport, so I believe he will learn everything quickly.

– Kimi is so sensitive in the car that he quickly understands how the tyre works, how it's worn out and how he has to tend them. Of course the team also guides him now that Kimi has to focus on different aspects to which he got used to while driving earlier in F1, Hembery summed up.

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