"Stretching and banging" by Heikki Kulta

Stretching and banging

Turun Sanomat 7.10.2011 23:32:45

Sir Frank Williams is known for not talking at all about his racing team's driver-negotiations. Despite of that the driver market's rumour mill is focused specifically around Williams.

Rubens Barrichello isn't anymore afraid that some heavily sponsored junior would take his place, he seems to have sensed that Kimi Räikkönen is his opponent in this competition.

On Friday Barrichello revealed to a familiar Brazilian reporter that Williams hasn't presented him next year's car designs. It reinforces the understanding that he is not in the front row in the list of candidates.

Alarmed by this Barrichello has lowered his salary demand and went to his home country after Singapore to make inquiries about getting possible sponsor aid in the style of his junior years.

The GP-winner of several races has promised that he doesn't continue his career if it's only about stretching the amount of races. Yet it looks like that has happened when it comes to Barrichello.

Last year Barrichello managed to keep the young talent Nico Hülkenberg in his shadow at Williams and collected praisal for the work in car development. Yet this year the other GP2-champion Pastor Maldonado has been on par with the Brazilian veteran.

Barrichello will be 40 years next May. What makes him even more older is that his career started already in 1993 and will cover after this weekend 318 GP-starts.

However Barrichello still claims that he guarantees that out of all possible options not even one can give more than him when it comes to performance ability - not even Räikkönen.

When Williams has a financial possiblity to arrange next season so that the other one still gets paid, it's natural that Frank Williams with his competitive soul is looking after the best possible candidate who wants to come to the team. In that group Räikkönen differs to his advantage.

The last WDC in a Williams-car was Jacques Villeneuve in 1997. It's clear that if Williams has an old champion in their team, then they don't have to present him separately to sponsors.

Williams' financial cord is the hydrid-department. It does well especially in Qatar's direction - and it also helps the F1-team to lift their profile.

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Eu realmente preciso dizer que a declaração de Barrichello esta semana a Autosport (quem não leu aqui está) sobre Räikkönen não poder oferecer mais nada a Williams do que ele já faz, é um sinal de quem está vendo o barco afundar?

Já disse e repito, Rubens não fica na Williams, na minha opinião, seja quem for que vá para o seu lugar. E texto de Kulta só mostra isto. O pessoal da equipe nem mostrou o design do carro do ano que vem para ele ainda, o que já deveria estar acontecendo, caso ele fosse um dos pilotos com chance de permanecer.

Rubens com certeza já sentiu que, ou ele procura outra equipe para prolongar a sua já longa carreira na F1, ou vai se aposentar no final desta temporada.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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