Räikkönen from Rally Germany to Aragon for a Peugeot-test

Räikkönen from Rally Germany to Aragon for a Peugeot-test

Turun Sanomat 21.8 2011 21:41:02

Kimi Räikkönen was the 2nd best Finn in Rally Germany, but even the 6th position didn't make the owner of ICE1 Racing -team satisfied at all.

– The position is what it is, but it doesn't change anything. Only three stages went well. The others again had all kind of program.

Räikkönen never won in F1-races in Germany and the rallies could have gone better.

– It's true that races here have never gone well but it's not Germany's fault, Räikkönen emphasised telling he holds no grudges against the country itself.

A year ago Räikkönen was the fastest in Rally Germany's last SS, where they now gave out bonuspoints. This time the attack stopped right in the beginning because of a tyre puncture.

– The tyre went on the walking street where it lasted well last year. There's nothing you can do when it happens right in the beginning. That's how it is but it doesn't matter at all.

On Wednesday Räikkönen heads to a bench-fitting for Peugeot's Le Mans-car test to Motorland Aragon's track in Spain.

– We will go since we were asked and to see what kind of a car the Peugeot really is. I'm sure it will be different again. I don't know anything about the track other than that it's in Spain, Räikkönen said to Turun Sanomat.

From Peugeot's Le Mans -drivers at least Pedro Lamy and Nicolas Minassian are without a contract. For Räikkönen the most familiar regular Peugeot-drivers are Alex Wurz and Ferrari's Marc Gene.

Turun Sanomat, Trier / HEIKKI KULTA

Fonte: Turun Sanomat/ Tradução para o Inglês: Nicole

Kimi vai experimentar um carro da Peugeot semana que vem, na Espanha, visando as 24 Horas de Le Mans. Seria tudo de bom se, assim, como quem não quer nada, para praticar um pouquinho, ele participasse dos 1000 km de Spa no ano que vem né?! #Ludysonhandoalto

Sei que a corrida na Bélgica faz parte do campeonato da Le Mans Series, mas já pensaram que tudo? O reencontro de Kimi e Spa?! #morrodefelicidade

Gostei mesmo que convidaram Kimi para testar. Na verdade, achei o máximo. Seria demais ver O Iceman participar desta corrida tão tradicional do automobilismo mundial.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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