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Tost rates Vettel, Hamilton... as best drivers

Toro Rosso team principal, Franz Tost, has rated Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg as the current top talent in Formula 1.

Given free reign to choose any drivers to join the Italian outfit, Tost would choose those four in that order. He cited their own individual talents which set them apart from the rest as to why they're the best.

"My pecking order goes like this: Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso [and] Rosberg," he told the official F1 website.

"Vettel doesn’t need much comment - he's got everything inside and outside the car that a driver must have to be champion," he said of the current championship leader.
Tost isn't put off by Hamilton's aggressive driving, which has led to some questionable incidents and some harsh criticism from fellow drivers and pundits.

"Hamilton I really do like," declared the Austrian. "His is the way guys should race in F1 - he's aggressive and, of course, that results in shunts sometimes, but he’s got what it takes to put on a good show.

On the subject of Ferrari driver Alonso and Mercedes driver Rosberg, he added: "Alonso is fiendishly clever, in the car and in team politics, and Rosberg I believe could win the championship when he’s got a good car."

Tost acknowledged the aforementioned drivers probably wouldn't look twice at Toro Rosso now and suggested three drivers who might be more suitable for the team.

"It is very unlikely that they would make eyes at Toro Rosso, so when thinking of suitable guys I would pick three, if I may: Paul di Resta, Nico Hulkenberg and Romain Grosjean."
(fonte: TheF1times.com)


Vettel e Hmailton à frente de Alonso?!?!?!? No way... hehe In my opinion, of course!!!! hehe
Natural que o Sr. Tost escolha seu pupilo, e também Lewis Hamilton, uma que vez, o inglês está na mira da Red Bull...

Mas o melhor foi a definição para Alonso...ai ai ai hehe #adoro!!!

Bjinhus, Tati


Mary disse…
Oi Tati!!!!
Isso só pode ser PIADA!!!!
Ou melhor,DOR DE COTOVELO...
Se o Sr. Tost não pode ter ( na sua equipe) o melhor do mundo, óbvio que ele vai elogiar quem tem mais probabilidade de se juntar à eles.
Ahh.. e eu sonho com isso: Hamilton e Vettel juntos!!!já pensou??Gostaria de ver o hamilton provar do própio veneno!!
Nunca gostei dele e muito menos do Vettel.# prontofalei#
Quanto a sua definição sobre nosso Alonso..Não estamos interessadas!!!!



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