Kimi Rally Germany preview in Finnish

Coluna do Kimi para a Alemanha segue abaixo. Nada de muito novo, ele só fala sobre as expectativas, sobre os testes, e tal. Mas ele disse que está com boa impressão para o rali. Então vamos que vamos Mr. Räikkönen. #amanhãcomeça

Challenging in a tricky way

This Germany is a quite tricky rally. Lets see how it takes off. I have good vibes from last year and lets hope that it goes better the second time, in this year's way.

The more in the top you would get to start, the easier it would be. If you have to go on the route from very behind, then the more all kind of trash there is on the road.

Now we are on tarmac for the first time after gravel rallies. We had a test after Jyskälä. We could have used a bit more testing since we were left with things we have to try out during this rally week. Soon we'll see how we got things in place.

All and all it's easier when we know what to expect. They haven't changed more than a couple of stages. They took about 10 km off the super long SS on beton. Now we have about 35 kilometers of that banging.

Last year we went well until the last day. I made a few blunders in the crossroads and we lost our position.

Now we try to improve. Not do any blunders and try to get time-wise as close as we already got in Jyskälä.

Lets hope now that the weather stays good. It would be much nicer since we haven't drove even one test during rain with this car. This route gets very slippery if water starts falling down on it.

They talk about tarmac, although I think we are driving more on beton in this rally. There is a decent road somewhere there but usually it's something completely different from a clean tarmac surface.


Beijinhos, Ludy


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