Borlotti: I want Räikkönen back

The Austrian-Italian Mirko Bortolotti returned to the Formula 2 series for the season 2011, after a year in the GP3. The 21-year-old is one of the best young drivers in the world and has had the chance to test both Ferrari as well as Toro Rosso F1 cars.

The F1 promise admires Michael Schumacher, whose achievements are known to everyone. Kimi Räikkönen, however is the one driver whom Borlotti would like to see back in the series.

"I'm still a big fan of him"

Asked if he has any heroes, Borlotti said the following.

- In the past I think it was Michael Schumacher. Obviously when you win a couple of world championships in a row you have to be a big talent, so that was maybe one of my heroes in the last couple of years. But in terms of driving I really miss Kimi Räikkönen in Formula 1 to be honest, he’s a very good driver and I’m still a big fan of him, he told

Bortolotti currently leads the F2 series at 187 points, while the second, Christopher Zane, has garnered 151 points. If Borlotti wins the series, he will once again have the chance to test an F1 car, as the best driver is awarded with an opportunity to test at Williams.

Fonte: racingnewsflash/Dica: Beefree

Bom saber que alguns pilotos ainda veem Kimi como ídolo, embora ele já não faça mais parte da F1.

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