Special interview with Kimi Räikkönen

Ler estas entrevistas é sempre bacana pois como todos nós sabemos, Kimi não gosta de falar muito e quando ele está disposto, é melhor aproveitarmos...rsrsr...

Special interview with Kimi Räikkönen

Friday, 17 June, 2011

Kimi Räikkönen returned to the wheel of WRC car at Greece, when the rally started at Friday. Earlier, Kimi had time to give interview for RacingNewsFlash.com.

Kimi admits that visit at Nascar-series refreshed because after long time the F1 world champion was able to fight against others on the track. Räikkönen didn't know yet how his career at Nascar will continue. Next race after rally Greece will be rally Finland at the end of July.

Visiting at Nascar-series is now behind. How did it feel to be back in to the rally car?
- Pretty normal. We already had some test at France. Nothing special. There didn't happen anything special on the test. I was only doing some driving and getting used to drive rally again. We did only a bit of set-up there but nothing special as I said. Normal test.

What are you expecting about the rally of this weekend, Greece?
- This is again a one new rally for me. We just try to drive the stages well and as fast as we can. It will not be as easy than in earlier rallies, because I don't know anything about the stages.

How are things after Greece, will you go back to Nascar?
- I am not sure yet. Maybe I will do something yet but I haven't made any decisions yet. Finnish rally will be the next event for me.

How did Nascar feel?
- It was very different. I was not expecting for anything special because I didn't know what kind of it will be. It was nice to race with people on track after couple years. It was funny and very different than rally. There was very easy-going and it was everything about a show. So, it was funny and very good experience.

Is Nascar something wich you would like to do more?
- Most amazing on it was that you can fight against other drivers. There are so many cars on the track. On WRC, you drive against the clock, so it was nice to drive and fight against others on track. It was cool and the system is very different compared to rally. Let's see.

Now there are two races behind Nascar at Camping World Truck and Nationwide. Will you also try the highest stage, Sprint Car Cup?
- I don't know, let's see what will happen there. It's about many things. But it would be nice to try Sprint Car Cup too.

In Helsinki there will be rally show by Citroen. What do you think, there will be lots of people out of there for sure?
- There was a similar show at Portugal last year. For the crew specially it was fun. I don't know what kind of road there will be at Helsinki.But for sure it will be great. I heard about this only some time ago. I don't know yet how long will it be.

Fonte: racingnewsflash.com/Dica: Luieluv

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