Kimi Acropolis rally preview in Finnish: To the Toughest Rally

Oi galerinha, a tradução da versão finlandesa da coluna pré-rali da Grécia segue para vocês. Kimi fala um pouquinho que andou fazendo e comenta as expectativas para o evento grego do WRC.

Kimi Acropolis rally preview in Finnish


We had a break from the rally business for a couple of months. When driving the tests in France with Kaitsu it felt like I hadn't been gone at all. The test went well and we got right away a good feeling in the car. It was good preparation for this rally in Greece since we even got the car better.

Greece is a new place to me and the gang says that it's the toughest rally for the car. Therefore the biggest challenge will be to get the equipment to the finish line in one piece.

I mean, this isn't the first rally where it's hot with rocky and dusty roads like here. We had a tough route in Jordan too and there the car survived the beating completely fine. It's completely new that we will now go fast on Saturday-night during darkness.

We have been in three rallies this year. One can be completely satisfied since we have each time finished the rally and scored points. Since the goal has been to learn more each time, we have succeeded in it and developed as much as possible.

It's nice when you see that the notes get better each time.

Since everything went well in the tests it's easy to come back to this car.

We have good feelings to start pulling, although we are taking these routes for the first time. Our goals haven't changed at all. We will do our best so that we avoid big mistakes and can pull the whole race in a good speed all the way to the finish line.ção para o Inglês: Nicole

Beijinhos, Ludy


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