"Räikkönen earned his Nascar-spurs" by Heikki Kulta

Räikkönen earned his Nascar-spurs

Turun Sanomat 21.5 2011 08:25:45

Kimi Räikkönen's first and only Camping World Truck -race on Charlotte's Motor Speedway brought back Kimi's passion to compete also in track-racing.

Räikkönen shuttled in both the end and the top during the race that was filled with constant SC-car incidents - at his best he was 5th and at his worst he was 34th.

Räikkönen started from 31st position and the end result from this exciting hour and a half was 15th position - and the prize he got was the respect from his competitors, which is so important in Nascar-races.

As usual Räikkönen drove fairly yet also roughly when it was necessary.

You could see from Räikkönen how good the race felt and how pleased he was with his debut in new challenges that was so much fussed about. Kimi was the best of three former F1-drivers when Nelson Piquet junior spun in the end and Max Papis crashed earlier.

Great race - what did you think of it yourself?

– It was pretty good. I hit the wall twice - the other time a bit slower, the other time a bit harder. It felt like the steering suffered from it, Räikkönen thought.

Whereas Kyle Busch who won his 3rd truck-race in a row spinned on this difficult oval, the rookie-Räikkönen's mistakes were limited only to those two bumps on the betonwall.

Räikkönen enjoyed more and more after he got into a real racing feeling.

– The car started to work better and better the longer the stints were. Unfortunately those SC-incidents came over and over again. After them it always took a while until the car started to work like it was supposed to work. If I would have had the chance to make longer stints, then the result would also have been better.

Räikkönen lost most often the place he already achieved in re-starts.

– I had the same car ahead of me every time. In re-starts it first accelerated and then braked. I couldn't get anywhere. I drove many times flat-out into it so it would go somewhere, Räikkönen explained.

Faster and faster

In the end Räikkönen got into his best speed.

– I dared to go faster. A lot depends upon which side of the track you are on - outside or inside. If you are on the inside and another comes there beside you, then it takes the air away and you spin really easily.

Were you close to spin?

– In the end I was when trying to overtake that one without succeeding. When you are side by side for a longer time there is no air. So I took it wide then, Räikkönen told Turun Sanomat.

Next Saturday to Nationwide

Räikkönen will continue his Nascar-career next Saturday. He is in for a promotion to Nationwide -serie and Kyle Busch told in the press conference that he would have one car for that in his team.

The international media also asked Räikkönen if he will drive a Nationwide -race nex.

– It remains to be seen, Räikkönen responded.

How satisfied are you with your performance?

– Of course I would always want to get a better position but after how the car felt in the morning I'm very pleased with how good it felt in the race. Sure I have a lot to learn and improve but I believe that when I drive the second race, it will go better, Räikkönen said.

Turun Sanomat, Charlotte - HEIKKI KULTA

Fonte: Turun Sanomat/Tradução para o Inglês: Nicole

Ok, então ele deve mesmo correr na próxima semana, sábado, em Charlotte, pela Nationwide Series, de acordo com o que Kulta disse acima. Resta saber os detalhes, equipe e estas coisas, mas provavelmente, Kyle Busch o está ajudando em algo.

Uau!!! Dois fins de semanas seguidos assistindo Kimi ao vivo? Só por isto já estou querendo que ele fique na Nascar! rsrsrs... Brincadeirinha! Quero que o Iceman permanceça no WRC, mas se de vez em quando ele quiser aparecer pelos States para que a gente possa vô-lo pilotoar ao vivo, obviamente eu não vou reclamar! rsrsrs...

Beijinhos, Ludy


Carol M disse…
Kimi quer me deixar louca, né?!

Mas tudo bem, vou continuar matando a saudade de ver ele ao vivo, porque logo a vida volta ao normal. rsrs


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