"Papis recommends elbow tactics to Räikkönen" by Heikki Kulta

Papis recommends elbow tactics to Räikkönen

Turun Sanomat 19.5 2011 04:40:11

On Friday the motorsport people's eyes are turned to the east coast in USA, when Kimi Räikkönen starts his Nascar-career which has surprised many quarters.

Even in Barcelona's F1-paddock they are glancing at what the web says in USA. Starting from WDC Sebastian Vettel.

At least Räikkönen doesn't stress too much. He will arrive to the place on Thursday afternoon.

The town Charlotte in North Carolina, USA, is NASCAR-serie's real home ground since so many teams have their head quarter there.

Räikkönen will make history on Charlotte's Motor Speedway -oval by being the first Finn racing in NASCAR-serie. His car is a truck and his racing class is the 3rd highest class, World Camping Truck Series.

Based upon what the 31-years old F1-champion feels it will be decided if he will drive more in USA or if Friday will remain as his only experience in these circles. The intention is to continue straight away upwards to the bigger classes.

Former Italian F1-driver Max Papis is one of Räikkönen's competitors on Friday.

Papis says to the Italian media that Räikkönen chose an ideal place for his Nascar-debut. According to the original plan the Finn was thinking of a debut in the earlier truck race on Dover's mini-oval.

– Dover is a very tough track and the race is very demanding if you want to get everything to fall in place. Charlotte again favors a rookie because there they have the foot on the pedal all the time, Papis estimated.

– This kind of circuit could benefit Kimi, especially in qualification. It's easier for a rookie to get going when knowing straight away that you have to drive with your foot on the pedal all the time. Kimi could even get into the top 10.

– The race again will be a different case. There you have to drive like experienced Nascar-foxes in a slightly nasty way. You have to learn how to use the brakes, pump the gas and try to find the right places on the track where the grip is best. On top of that you have to know how to utilize the track's inclinations, Papis tells.

Reputation has to be re-built

Räikkönen has tested Kyle Busch Motorsports -team's Toyota on Gersham's and Rockingham's ovals. Tests on actual race tracks aren't allowed.

Papis praises the Nascar-style by telling that they aren't boasting immensly beforehand about the famous rookie.

– Everybody knows Kimi's business card. He is a F1-champion who has undoubted merits as a race driver but the respect from Americans will come only after the driver shows what he is made of in Nascar-driving.

– That's the best part of this serie. You have to show who you are. In USA you have to re-build your reputation, Papis says.

– If one really wants to go into Nascar, then he has to create a reputation of a fair guy without whistles, yet still not too politely.

Experts see two actual hinders that Räikkönen has to overcome.

On the technical department he has to learn how to set up the car according to the unsymmetrical oval-inclinations. On the sporting department he has to build up a reputation as a fair driver who still can use elbow tactics when needed.

The most difficult will probably be to learn all the unwritten rules meaning how fast you have to drive and battle in order to gain respect from your fellow competitors.

Team mate is the best measure

Räikkönen's comparison in this case will at least be the best possible, since his team mate Kyle Busch, 26, has won the two last Truck-races in Nashville and Dover. At the same time it will give confidence that the machinery is on a winning level.

Busch already offered the seat to Brazilian Tony Kanaan who didn't take the challenge. This way Räikkönen got a chance to try Nascar in a top team right from the start.

When Juan Pablo Montoya made his debut in Nascar he started from the lowest ARCA-class. After two races Montoya moved up to the second highest Nationwide-class and ended the season with his first Sprint Cup -race in Miami.

Räikkönen's target will most definitely be the Sprint Cup -level as fast as possible.

Turun Sanomat, Charlotte - HEIKKI KULTA

Fonte: Turun Sanomat/Tradução para o Inglês: Nicole

E lá está o sr. Heikki Kulta em Charlotte, acompanhando Kimi Räikkönen. Eu simplesmente adoro isto, porque os melhores textos sobre o que Kimi pensa e o que acontece ao seu redor, ou sobre pessoas ligadas a ele, vêm sempre de Kulta. Incluindo o fato que Seb Vettel está de olho no que Kimi fará nesta sexta.

Esta entrevista com o Max Papis mesmo está bem legal, cheia de informações e análises. Obviamente Kimi tem um grande desafio pela frente, mas se tem algo que aprendi nestes anos como fã do Iceman, é que ele definitivamente não tem medo de desafios. E vocês querem saber? Eu admiro demais esta coragem do Iceman de enfrentar novas categorias, a mesma que tem Jacques Villeneuve. Não me surpreende os motivos que me fazem torcer por eles...

Beijinhos, Ludy


Melli disse…
genteee...acho que agora eu entendi pq os fãs do Iceman clamam por ele na F1 e acho que todos vão quere-lo nas nascar a partir de agora...quanta noticiiiaaa!!! :-o

poxa queria que o WRC fosse assim :´(
hahaha... Vc teria adorado ver Kimi na F1, Melli. Era bom demais! Mas sabe de uma coisa? O que temos agora também é ótimo, não se pode reclamar que o Iceman some do mapa. No WRC temos bastante coisa, mas nos EUA, definitivamente teremos muito mais, eles vivem pela informação, com certeza.

bjs, Ludy
Samy disse…
Ludy vc tem razão em dizer que ele não tem medo de desafios,,, gostaria muito de ser assim, não ter medo de arriscar naquilo que eu realmente quero para a minha vida, e não me importando com as opiniões alheias...
eu admiro muito isso nele!

Go Kimi!!!

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