The oval test spiked up Räikkönen's urges to compete - Heikki Kulta

The oval test spiked up Räikkönen's urges to compete

Turun Sanomat 6.4 2011 10:30:25

Kimi Räikkönen tamed quickly his new NASCAR-serie's worktool Toyota Tundra -truck car in his first test on Gresham Motosports Park's short oval track.

Räikkönen drove over 400 laps during two days on a half mile oval and got solid laptimes when compared to previous tests on the track.

The Finn worked with Kyle Busch Motorsports -team and Toyota's engineers. They had scheduled different setup- and tyre-tests in order to get Räikkönen familiarized with this completely different racing car that the European driver didn't know from before.

– It has been great. I came here and didn't have any expectations beforehand because I had nothing to compare it with. I seems like Kyle Busch Motorsports is a top team and it's exciting to work with them. I am waiting to get to race with this car, Räikkönen said in his press release this morning.

- On one hand I'm not amazed at all when knowing Kimi's wide exprecience and his championship-level. Yet on the other hand I'm very happily surprised over what I saw, Ren said.

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Kulta é o cara que mais escreve sobre Räikkönen no planeta. E como eu agradeço a ele por isto! O que seríamos de nós sem ele?! rsrsrs...

Beijinhos, Ludy


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