NASCAR: Kimi Raikkonen tested Kyle Busch Motorsport pick-up truck

Kimi testou em destes ontem (Kimi tested in a truck like this yesterday)

NASCAR: Kimi Raikkonen tested Kyle Busch Motorsport pick-up truck

By René Fagnan,
Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Former Formula 1 World Champion and Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen had his first taste of North American style of racing on Monday when he drove first the first time a NASCAR Camping World pick-up truck.

Very little information was available from the test that saw Raikkonen take the wheel of one of Kyle Busch Motorsport pick-up trucks on the half-mile, 12-degree banked paved oval circuit of Gresham, Georgia.

“We will not have any photos, we don't have the right to use any photos of Kimi,” said Andy Gee, press relation manager at KBM.

Raikkonen is apparently not bringing sponsors to finance his move to NASCAR. It should be reminded that the private Citroen DS3 WRC the Finn drives in the World Rally Championship is also sponsor-less.

Montreal web site wrote that team owner "Kyle Busch has never met Kimi Raikkonen" but will "entrust one of his excellent trucks" to the Finn "in exchange for a US$100,000 cheque at every race".

The web site adds that Raikkonen's plan is to "pay for some truck races to raise interest and get a sponsorship budget for Nationwide and possibly the (premier) Sprint Cup".

His contract with Busch is reportedly for three to five races.

"Raikkonen shopped around for a drive with a number of teams and we won the war," Busch is quoted as saying. Miezicat

Caraca!!! 100 mil dólares por corrida. Se o Iceman correr cinco será meio milhão de dólares! Fala sério!!! Mas pelo que andei lendo, serão apenas três.

Beijinhos, Ludy


fanny disse…
Eu não quero parecer chata mas ainda não entendi nada dessa escolha e tbm não to conseguindo imaginar ele nem um pouco nesse caminhão ! kkkkkkkkkk
Manu disse…
Meu Deus. Qt dinheiro! Que loucura!!!!
Enfim, se ele tem certeza, tudo bem, vamos apoiando ainda que não tenha caido a ficha... ^^

wagner disse…
Pô, Räikkönen! Faz um vale cara!
Wagner, se ele não se incomodar em fazer mais de um...rsrsrs


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