Kimi Jordan Rally preview in Finnish

A coluna abaixo é a prévia do Rali da Jordânia, mas como ainda não tinha postado, aí está.

Kimi fala inclusive sobre seu teste na Nascar, é bem legal ver que ele está empolgado. Mas o melhor é ele dizer que o rali é "a nossa coisa", ou em uma melhor tradução, "a nossa praia". Gosto muito de ver que ele se sente parte do rali.


Okay, so I went to drive a NASCAR-test. It was completely super awesome. That serie is a completely different world and everything is new for us who are used to drive elsewhere. It's interesting and challenging to go there.

But now we are driving rally again. It is after all 'our thing' at the moment.

Jordan is one of the most trickiest gravel rallies. We were here last year so we have some kind of understanding over what we can expect this weekend. So far being in the same rally for the second time has helped us and it's 100% sure that we have an advantage of it in Jordan too.

I have a pleasant image from Portugal's gravel. Once we recovered from screwing up the setups - the whole front of the car was too high - the car felt good in the final games.

It's going to be exciting to see how it goes now. This rally is as challenging as challenging can be. The roads are hard gravel and loose sand. The weather is quite warm too. You don't seem to find any focusing points from the terrain. Fortunately I have learned to make and understand notes better and better all the time. They are really important in this rally.

They have warfare going on nearby but it's peaceful in Jordan. We all wish that the rally could be pulled through without any incidents.

Our goal is once again to get through the route without making any bad blunders. Last time we came in 8th in Jordan. They were our first points.

We are now going there to see if we can improve our position. It's going to be a tough twist since the group is so even at this point.

Fonte:ção para o Inglês: Nicole

Beijinhos, Ludy


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