"Don't open Kimi's door" by Anette Latva-Piikkilä

Don't open Kimi's door

Kimi drove on Thursday the SSS and finishes it. "Nobody open the door". That's what Colin Clark from rally radio shouted.

The Swedish Viasat tv-group couldn't understand why Kimi's door couldn't be opened because all the drivers have open doors. Viasat was making a live-program so it was understandable that they were in a hurry.

All of us waited in front of Kimi's car like a poor house's pigs. Kimi took his helmet off. Kaj Lindström didn't make eye-contact with anyone, not a good sign. Kimi put the helmet off his hands, dug up Red Bull's beani and put it on his swaying hair. And after that the door opened. It was Kimi himself who opened the door.

Now the media has learned to know Kimi's habits a bit. You can't push or put pressure on him. The door opens when you patiently wait and don't lose your nerves. Everybody gets what they want as long as they take the time to wait patiently.

Kimi has generously told about his feelings here in Sweden in the finish line and in the service park. Although you have to spike up your hearing every now and then to get a hang of what stories the Iceman tells but that's a small problem. And what's best is that Kimi is still in the race.

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Eu estava ouvindo a WRC Radio quando isto aconteceu, Colin gritando com todo mundo "Não abra a porta de Kimi!!!" como a própria Anette adora fazer! Eu ri na hora. hahaha...

Colin é um cara demais! Ele, em menos de um ano aprendeu (porque já no meio do ano passado já sabia como falar e respeitar Kimi) a lidar com Räikkönen de uma forma que a maioria da mídia internacional não conseguiu em 9 anos de F1. Aliás, não só ele, como a galera da World Rally Radio.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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