Jacques Villeneuve joins the Škoda team with Olivier Panis

Jacques Villeneuve joins the Škoda team with Olivier Panis
26th, November, 2010

The 1997 F1 World Champion has been recruited by the Škoda team for the 2010-2011 Andros Trophy, and he will find himself in the same squad as his former grand prix team-mate (2001 and 2002 seasons), Olivier Panis.

Villeneuve’s debut on ice will take place in the opening round of the Trophy on 4th/5th December at Val Thorens.

Villeneuve said: “I’m really delighted at the prospect of joining the Škoda team and Olivier Panis with whom I drove in F1 for BAR in 2001 and 2002. Finding myself back together with Olivier was an important factor in my decision. All it needed was a few telephone conversations with Cédric Journel, the marketing director of Škoda France, for me to give a favourable answer to this proposition.”

“Olivier got my blood racing when he described the great ambience that reigns in the Andros Trophy. He also told me about the very high sporting level, and the overall quality of the field with other F1 drivers that I was going to meet beginning with Alain (Prost), and also their enthusiasm. I was really determined to live this new experience, and I think I’m going to enjoy myself. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the Škoda in a week’s time on the Val Thorens track. Olivier, the whole Škoda team and I are taking up a real sporting challenge. I’m here to learn, and I hope to be able to assimilate the rudiments of ice racing as quickly as possible. I’m counting on Olivier’s advice to help me do that. I wouldn’t be a Canadian if it were to pose insurmountable problems for me!”

Fonte: www.jv-world.com

Corrida no gelo!!! Bom, de gelo canadense entende né? hahaha...Vamos ver como ele se sairá na pista!!! Acho que será bacana! hahaha

O site oficial do evento é este aqui. E a parte que fala do Andros Trophy, que Villeneuve participará ao lado de Panis, está neste link.

Beijinhos, Ice-Ludy


Fernando Kesnault disse…
Que tal falarem sobre a corrida da FIAGT em Interlagos?? Teremos Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Aston Martins, Corvettes, Nissans, e muitas disputas com certeza (bem mais que a monotona e chata f-1)...
Fernando, tenho certeza que há blogs e sites por aí que falarão sobre a FIAGT em Interlagos, muito, mas muito melhor do que nós, tenho certeza...hahaha. E como você sabe, aqui no Octeto nosso foco é cobrir a F1 e as outras categorias ou eventos que os octetes estão presentes. E já é coisa à beça para 3 darem conta...hahaha... Te garanto!

bjs, Ludy

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