Kimi: Nunca estive interessado na opinião das outras pessoas

Oi galerinha!!! O dia foi cheio hoje para mim e só agora estou aqui para fazer minhas postagens, só que minha internet está uma droga e estou sem tempo para traduzir, então hoje as novidades vêm em inglês mesmo.

Kimi esteve em um evento de seu patrocinador, a DNA, e as matérias que posto são relacionadas aos eventos de hoje.


Kimi Räikkönen visited his sponsor's event in Finland where they showed the Iceman DNA-commercial.

Kimi's unique sponsor-event brought a handful of media people and a full hall of eager DNA-partners who got to see Finland's most famous celebrity in flesh.

Kimi was in a good mood and he answered with a smile to Anette Latva-Piikkilä's questions. He also compared himself to other f1-drivers and pondered what made him different from other talented drivers.

– Of course there's a lot of things, everyone is a different person. Of course a lot depends on who looks and who thinks whatever but I have never thought about what they think about me. And I haven't been interested in what they do, I've always tried to do just my own thing, Kimi revealed.

According to Kimi this strategy has always worked for him but the same recipe isn't necessarily the right one for others. Kimi reminded that a good car makes a big difference when thinking of success.

– You have to have a good car and a good team. The top drivers are yet quite even although there might be some small differences in some things. But the top drivers don't differ much from each other if you would put them in the same car, Kimi confessed.


Fonte: MTV3 / Tradução para Inglês: Nicole/Dica: Anelise

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