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Nothing fishy for Kimi on day two of Rally Sweden…

Take some herrings. Stick them in a barrel for a couple of months. Then remove and put them into a can. Leave for anything up to a year. When the can starts bulging, you know that enough gas has built up from the rotting fishy cadavers to enjoy them at the peak of their putrefaction. Serve with raw diced onion and flat bread, possibly accompanied by a garnish of dill and tomatoes for that sophisticated touch. Drink with some refreshing cold milk.

Give or take a bit, this is the traditional recipe for 'surstromming': a northern Swedish speciality. The taste has been diplomatically described by connoisseurs as 'pungent' - reminiscent of a cross between rotten egg and rancid butter. A more accurate label would simply be 'disgusting'.

It's so bad that a number of airlines have banned it from their flights and you can no longer buy it at Stockholm Airport. Anyone brave enough to try this decomposing delicacy will taste nothing else for days.

But Red Bull driver Kimi Raikkonen's second day on Rally Sweden left anything other than a sour taste in his mouth. With a series of promising stage times, including one sixth-fastest time in the afternoon, the 2007 Formula 1 World Champion proved that he is starting to get the hang of automotive speed skating on snow and ice.

"Yes, it was really good," said Kimi after only his second full day on a World Championship rally. "I didn't like the first stage this morning so much; then we stalled the engine and got stuck for a little bit on the second stage. After then it all went really well for me; it was a nice day. I'm feeling more confident with the car and we had no problems at all. I always knew that finding the right driving style would take a bit of time, but now it is gradually coming. Hopefully we can have a strong final day tomorrow; I'm feeling quite confident."

Despite temperatures that bordered on the Baltic - a bit like Scandinavia itself - co-driver Kaj Lindstrom was also in an upbeat mood. Kaj knows proper speed when he sees it as one of his previous chauffeurs was four-time World Rally Champion Tommi Makinen. Kimi is quite a different creature to Tommi but they're both heroes in Finland: and they've both already proved to be a favourite of the spectators on Rally Sweden.

"You can't really compare Kimi to Tommi but one thing they have in common is that they both have fantastic natural speed," said Kaj, whose favourite fashion accessory is a Red Bull bobble hat. "You can always improve your technique and together with Kimi this is something that we are trying to do, but you can't actually learn the speed. Today really showed how when you combine the right speed with the right technique things begin to come together. I've been very impressed by Kimi's progress and we're going to build on this in future."


Matéria bacana! Quando Kaj fala sobre Kimi fico esperançosa!!!

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