Räikkönen atende à imprensa - atualizado

Kimi Räikkönen atende à imprensa hoje lá na Suécia.

O texto original está neste link. O piloto finlandês falou sobre a experiência de estrear no rali, de poder trocar ideias com o hexacampeão mundial Sébastien Loeb a quem fez elogios e além disto, recebeu elgoios também, de seu co-piloto Kaj Lindström. E é claro, Kimi falou que está gostando de tudo no rali.

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Segue a tradução para o inglês que o membro DanmanFINN fez muito gentilmente...

EVERYBODY wanted to meet Räikkönen
Kimi Räikkönen creates hysteria before his WRC-debute and already now both he and Citroën dreams about podium finishes in the championship.
-Maybe sometimes later in season, says Räikkönen for VF-sports.

Citroëns team manager Olivier Quesnel started a highly popular media gathering by telling his teams goals for the next season which is that the team and Sébastien Loeb defends their championships again. Also he hopes that the junior teams Sébastien Ogier and Kimi Räikkönen will take podium finishes during the season.

-And maybe more? Why not? says Quesnel.
The teammanager has high expectations on his "juniorduo".

And Kimi himself who after some stalling agreed to answer journalists questions hopes for a good rallycareer.
-In the beginning it will take time, now we will just learn. The further the season goes so maybe. Hopefully we can have good results says Räikkönen.

VF-sport was there when F1-champion from 2007 got a ride with the excellent Loeb on testing in Gräsmark last week. Then he didnt want to talk. Now it went better.
-Its good to see how Loeb drives, a good experience. We talked about many things. -He has won a lot, a very good driver.

Even though he haven't driven his first WRC rally yet for Citroën there is talks that Räikkönen will make a comeback in Formula 1 for Red Bull next year. When we ask him if he miss anything whatsoever from F1 his answer is: -No, nothing.

Whats the most fun with rally?
-I like everything. Everything is new. Its very exciting so there isnt any special thing in particular I like best. Rally is fun all together.

Still he has much to learn but the raw talent is there. Much of it is up to his co-driver Kaj Lindström to refine. Its difficult to drive fast and completly trust the co-drivers notes.
-Thats the hardest thing so far.

Lindström repeats his comment about Räikkönen from last week:
-He is a Natural talent.

Have you sat next to a driver that has as much talent?
-No never. Tommi Mäkinen is still the best one I have driven with but the way Kimi adapts to the new car is fantastic.

How is the interest about you compared to before?
-Now its completly different. It cant be compared to what it was like when I drove with Tommi.

Kimi Räikkönen politly answered the questions during the short time that was given. He hopes that the transit from Formula 1 to rally would be smooth in several ways.
-Its still a steeringwheel, pedals and four wheels its all about in the end.

Räikkönen also talked down the incident on recognising on tuesday when he crashed with another rallydriver.
-It was a small crash, he hit us in the side when we were to turn around behind a turn. It was very slippery at that spot.

Who was it?
-I know the guy, says Räikkönen and laughs but doesn't reveal his name.

Unconfirmed reports say that its the finnish driver Mattias Therman that drives for Stobart-team.

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