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God afton, bästä läsare… Nothing from Sweden has ever been written in this blog so let's make history.

The F1-blog isn't changing into a rally-blog. I can promise you that. But just as I'm here in Hagfors where the evening is darkening I feel like I have one foot standing in a rally-boat and the other one in a F1-boat so I will speak a little about both.

The Finnish success in rally is guaranteed. Mikko Hirvonen seems to have grown into a top performer who isn't bowing to anyone anymore.

A friend who writes to L'Equipe and who has also been a co-driver himself told me that Hirvonen took two new tyres to SS 14 while Loeb saved the new tyres for the following stages.

Just because of that the difference grew to 8,8 seconds.

Loeb praised Mikko's strategical move. In the SS 15 he wouldn't have needed studs at all according to Loeb.

This is what strategics are. It's good that I have a guy beside me who keeps a F1-reporter informed about things. In F1 the tyres will also be in a very crucial role because they have to endure heavy fuel loads.

Kimi Räikkönen's rally-journey has began just as thornly as some experts predicted. He would have the pace to TOP10 but those costly rookie mistakes are bound to happen.

I heard from Citroen's camp that now on Saturday Kimi isn't more than a second per kilometer behind Loeb and 3-5 tenths per kilometer behind Ogier on normally proceeding stages. According to that Räikkönen would have caught both tenths by tenths during one day.

Without Friday's half an hour Räikkönen would drive for positions 9-10 meaning for points. Of course it's useless to say if. Mistakes happen and you have to learn from them.

How does Räikkönen's rally racing appeal to Finns? How many is now following rally more closer than before? Which rally driver is the favourite of people reading this blog?

Although Jerez is far from Sweden's winter my line to the testing paddock is open.

I heard from a reporter colleague who had been talking with a top engineer that in all this fuel-bluffing McLaren would be the most competitive at this stage. Red Bull is very close and after them come Ferrari and Mercedes.

I have to remind you that even though someone would be 2-3 seconds behind the top the car he might still be the fastest one that day.

The rally broadcast stops here. The next subject will be about F1 again.

Fonte: Turun Sanomat / Tradução para Inglês: Nicole (Planet F1 Forum)

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