Coluna de Kimi Räikkönen: Uma experiência a mais

Dia de coluna do Iceman!!! Texto muito bacana e descontraído de Kimi sobre a sua experiência no Arctic Lapland Rally 2010.

Ele ficou satisfeito com sua performance, mais uma vez falou que o erro que levou à batida na SS2 do rali foi dele e enfatizou a importância de seu companheiro de equipe Citroën, Dani Sordo estar lá para que ele pudesse ter uma parâmetro de comparação.

Além disto ele agradece aos rapazes que os ajudaram a tirar o carro do banco de neve em que ficaram presos ele e Kaj no dia do acidente, e mais um vez convidou a galera para não esquecer de visitar a página de multimídia do seu site.

Mas o melhor de tudo é o final do texto!!!! hahahahaha.... Este Kimi está demais!!!! hahahaha...


The Arctic rally came and went. I'm in a good mood and one experience richer.

We had a good test before we went to Rovaniemi. It gave me a good feeling and more trust in the car once we got all bits and pieces and seats in order. The basic setup was done and we went to Tunturi to get as many kilometers under our belts as we could possibly get. Nothing more.

It was good that Sordo was there. We got the benchmark we had hoped for so we would know exactly where we stand at the moment.

In the final games we saw how much behind Sordo we were but after we reeled in those things we also knew the reason for it. All we now need is more kilometers and we'll find it from there.

There was this one blunder when we drove out during the second stage. It was completely my own blunder. I misheard the note and after that it didn't bend back anymore.

Fortunately we made it with small damages and managed to get back. Thank you to the shovel-men for helping.

The roads were quite cool! It was also nice to see how big the gangs by the routes supporting us were.

When me-myself have only five rallies in the meter the times in Tunturi weren't a catastrophy. When I learn something new everytime I drive we get closer to the lead. We'll see how close we are during the midseason.

From this basis it's nice to go to Sweden. We'll see there what our pace is but the serie is only beginning. At least we will go faster than we did in the practice race.

Just as a tip, remember to check out the video clips beside. They are rolling the Iceman's adventures in Lapland and we are reeling in how things went in Tunturi.

Next stop is the FIA-info in Paris, press and photos. After that we will only concentrate on Sweden rally.

There it will be just like in Indy - Gentlemen, start your engines!

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Beijinhos, Ice-Ludy


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