Antes do rali começar

Interviewer (I): Kimi Räikkönen, your career's first WRC-race ahead of you, be honest, are you nervous at all?
Kimi (KR): I don't know, I'm not nervous but of course you don't really know what to expect. I've driven a couple of rallies but with a little bit different equipment. It's fun to see how we do.

I: There has been experts speculating a lot about what Kimi can reach, but what does the driver say himself?
KR: Well I don't have any information on that since we have not driven at all against anyone. Today we drove with Sordo for the first time the same stint and with the same car but there is still a lot to be learnt, especially doing notes and listening to notes is the most difficult that you dare to drive with them as fast as you can.

I: What kind of show is the Iceman going to put up [for the reporters and spectators]?
KR: (laughs) Well let's see, like I said it is pretty difficult to predict anything and of course we haven't had the chance to drive with the car that much but it's a different thing when you have to go fast on the race right away. And there's not so much experience with this car, last year we have driven stints but they're not on top of memory so we were at the same position last year when we could drive a little bit before the race. Of course some more testing would help but let's see what happens and let's try to stay on the road and get kilometres under the belt and improve the pace.

I: Sebastien Loeb mentioned on one of his interviews that Kimi Räikkönen in 2011 as team-mate would be an interesting alternative. How do you feel?
KR: (laughs) Well it's pointless to think what happens next year when we haven't driven any kilometres in races yet and there is time to happen all kinds of stuff within this year. But like I said let's do our best and see if the pace is enough and that will give some kind of direction on what will happen next year.

Fonte: YLE / Tradução para Inglês: Leijona (Planet F1 Forum)

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