Kimi by Ludy - Belgium GP - day 3

Oi gente! Demorei, mas cheguei!! E as fotos de hoje estão lindas!!!! Eita lugar belo!!!! hehehehehe....

Beijinhos, Ice-Ludy

Trilha do post: "Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback; "Here I Am" by Brian Adams; "Your Faith In Me" by Jessica Simpson; "You Must Have Had A Broken Heart" by Westlife; "Today I've Lost You" by Take That; "The Way You Make Me Feel" by McFly; "Love Is Like A Song" by Hanna Pakarinen; "Whatever It Takes" by Lifehouse; "Please Forgive Me" by Brian Adams;


Anônimo disse…
Só 50 euros a camisa do Kimi!

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