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A Vick já havia descoberto essa série de entrevistas bem humoradas do Pois, nessa semana foi a vez de Nico participar da brincadeira.
Não terei tempo de traduzir tudo, mas mesmo assim farei uns comentáriozinhos em cor de rosa.

So, Ask the Expert – Nico Rosberg

Q: Last year, your team boss Frank Williams celebrated his 600th Grand Prix, but in what year was his first F1 entry, long before the formation of the current Williams team?
Nico Rosberg: The year was 1969! The race? I will have to guess… Zandvoort?
Correct - it was in 1969, not at Zandvoort, but at the Spanish Grand Prix at Montjuic Park. Williams entered a Brabham BT26 for his friend Piers Courage.
Luane: Praticamente o empregado do mês!

Q: You won the GP2 championship back in 2005, while your ART team mate Alexandre Premat finished in fourth. Last season, however, Premat won his own championship - in what series?
NR: Holy Moses! Obviously he didn’t win in DTM. Must have been the Le Mans Series.
Correct - with Audi.
Luane: Nico ligado nas paradas! Eu ia amar ver DTM, mas confesso que não consigo me organizar com o Speed e tenho para mim que eles passam as corridas muito atrasadas.

Q: At what race did your father Keke score his first Formula one victory with Williams? NR: That was in Dijon in 1982. It was the Swiss GP!
Correct Luane: Além de empregado mês é bom filho também, o mocinho

Q: How many races, drivers’ titles and constructors’ titles have Williams won? NR: I think they’ve won 11 constructor’s titles and nine driver’s titles. Races? I would put that down to 90.
Zero out of three - they have won 113 races, seven drivers’ championships and nine constructors’ championships.
Luane: Oooppss... Esquece aquela foto de empregado do mês estilo Mcdonald’s no motorhome da equipe...

Q: You were born in Wiesbaden, but can you name another famous sportsman to have been born in the German city?
NR: In Wiesbaden? I didn’t know there was one. No idea.
Incorrect - tennis star John McEnroe was born on a U.S. military base at Wiesbaden.
Luane: Essa era complicada, mesmo. Dá para dar um desconto. Ele nem foi criado lá, afinal.
Q: What was your father Keke’s best performance for McLaren? NR: Second in Monaco in 1986.
Luane: As sobre o pai ele não erra uma. Assim, vai ganhar aumento na mesada.

Q: You have dual German and Finnish nationality. What is the Finnish national anthem called? NR: Ah, I have no idea.
Incorrect - it is called ‘Our Land’ or in Finnish, ‘Maamme’.

Q: During his motorsport career, your team mate Kazuki Nakajima has won one single-seater championship. In which series?
NR: Japanese Formula Three?
Incorrect, but close - it was the Formula Toyota series in Japan in 2003.
Luane: Boa tentativa. Foi por exclusão de possibilidades, fiz isso no último podcast que gravamos nesta semana no Quiz da Tati e me dei bem, também. :)
Q: When you made your F1 debut at the 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix, you became the youngest ever driver to score a fastest lap, aged 20. Who held that record before you? NR: Fernando Alonso.
Correct - Alonso scored his first aged 21 at the 2003 Canadian Grand Prix.
Luane: Octete passando a faixa para octete. Assim é bonito.

Q: You’re a fan of chess but how many rows and columns are there on a chess board? NR: Eight rows, eight columns.
Luane: Nico mostrando seu lado nerd e cabeção.rsrsrsrs
Q: When did Williams last take a victory and which driver scored it? NR: JPM in Brazil in 2004.
Correct - it was indeed Juan Pablo Montoya.
Luane: Quer dizer que ele lembra quem venceu por último, mas não a quantidade de títulos e campeões?

Q: You list climbing among your interests. Can you name the highest mountains in your ‘home’ countries of Germany and Finland? NR: Wow, what a question! In Germany must be somewhere down in the Alps. Zugspitze! Correct? I’m really impressed by myself! Finland I have no clue whatsoever.
Half marks - Zugspitze in Germany, Halti (or Haltiatunturi) in Finland.
Luane: Tsc tsc tsc... Assim, não vai passar em geografia!

Q: With which team did Williams’ technical director Sam Michael make his Formula One debut? NR: Not Jordan. Could it have been Lotus?
Good guess - correct.
Luane: Ainda tentando a fotinho McDonald’s style...

Q: Your best showing in the prestigious F3 Masters event was a sixth place in 2004. Which current F1 drivers finished immediately behind you in that race in seventh and eighth places?
NR: Hamilton finished seventh. One more? Was Kubica eighth?
Half marks - Lewis Hamilton seventh, Nelson Piquet was eighth.
Luane: Mais um momento ooopsss

Q: Can you name two eminent Formula One engineers who have worked under Patrick Head before going on to make a name for themselves?
NR: Adrian Newey and Ross Brawn.
Correct - Neil Oatley, Frank Dernie and Egbahl Hamidy were three others.

Q: Before deciding on a career in motorsport, you were set to study aeronautics at university. You now spend an awful lot of time on planes. Can you tell us the typical cruising speed and altitude for a long-haul commercial jet? NR: Speed: 900km/h, Altitude: 35,000 feet. Correct? Yes? So I absolutely got it spot on? Wow!
Correct - ‘wow’ indeed.
Luane: Não te faz de bom, que na verdade, é só prestar atenção no que o capitão fala... ¬¬

Q: Frank Williams’ first job after leaving school involved selling what? NR: Selling car parts? No… I read his biography but I didn’t read that.
Incorrect - he was a trainee sales representative for the Campbell’s soup company.
Luane: É, já era a fotinho...

Q: Williams’ base is located near the Oxfordshire town of Wantage. What stands in the centre of the town’s market square?
NR: A statue. I have no idea who it is.
Half marks - it’s a statue of King Alfred the Great, who was born in Wantage in 849.
Luane: História também não é o forte do rapaz. É um cara das exatas, mesmo.

Q: You list backgammon among your interests. Can you tell us what a doubling cube is and what numbers would be found on it?
NR: 2,4,8,16,32,64. I am supposed to be the best player in the paddock.
Correct - a six-sided die marked with the aforementioned numbers.
Luane: Mais um para a lista de jogos nerds e chiques

Q: Returning to F3, at the 2004 Macau Grand Prix, you and Lewis Hamilton both crashed out on lap two while battling for the lead. Which current F1 driver went on to score a podium in that race? NR: Kubica!
Correct - he finished second.
Luane: Essa ficou marcada na memória dele. Tenho uma fotos do garoto quase chorando de bravo na beira da pista, pois ele estava liderando quando eles se chocaram.

Final score: 18.5 points from a possible 28
Ask the Expert rating: 66%

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Marcos Antônio disse…
Então o Nico além, de ser dúvida, é nerd? Bourdais vai gostar de saber disso!Ou não,sei lá. Mas no filme dos nerds tb tinha um viadinho...hahahahahaha
Lu M. disse…
Não ouse Marcos Antonio! Não ouse!!!

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