Coluna do Campeão

Segue para vocês a nova coluna do campeão do mundo. São as análises costumeiras, das dificuldades com os pneus, as ausências de vitórias e pontos, enfim... No final ele comenta sobre sua renovação com a Ferrari e também sobre a corrida em Cingapura.
Esta versão em inglês está um pouco diferente da filandesa, que posto como um complemento, para quem quiser comparar.

Hunting for the grip by Kimi Räikkönen

Sometimes it's rough. You try and try but nothing seems to go your way. I haven't been winning for ages and I haven't got many points either. In Monza, we finished the race but it didn't feel any better compared to the two previous ones with DNFs.

We now have had five races without points. Obviously, you don't have to be Einstein to realise that this is not the way to fight for the championship. It's not over, I'll never give up.

We have had the same problem too many times. With this car in certain circumstances it's too difficult to get the right temperature to the tyres - especially if it rains. And it seems to rain in almost every race nowadays.

It rained a lot in Monza. Unfortunately for me, there is no reason to talk about anything else apart from the last laps of the race. The car was really good on Friday in the dry. But in the wet on Saturday I simply could not get the tyres up to temperature. This is something we need to understand, because the car is very good when it has the right temperatures in the tyres. But the race is all over by then.

Obviously at the moment things simply are not going my way. Sometimes things happen like that. But I will keep pushing and hopefully my luck will change. I would like to win a couple of more races by the end of this season.

I have not lost my skills for driving in the wet. But you have to get the car right to be able to fight in the rainy races, too. If there is no grip, you cannot fight. You just drive and drive and hope that everything gets sorted out.

While it started to dry up in Monza, it was like switching on the lights. Everything felt well and I was able to attack the corners but it was much, much too late by then.

Now we go to Mugello to test. We do our very best to solve the problem. We wouldn't mind if it would rain all week.

We are heading for the new challenges. It's good for F1 and the drivers to race in a new city like Singapore. It will also be the first ever night race in F1 so it's a completely new experience for everybody. The atmosphere will be great. Hot and humid seems to be more favorable for Ferrari.

You never know what happens in the race. There is no reason to make any plans. We just concentrate on doing our very best. Whoever has the most points after the last race of the season will be champion.

I'm really happy to extend my agreement with Ferrari. They are the best team in F1. My memories of last season will never be forgotten and I would like to repeat that feat again.

A tradução vocês podem ler no site das FKR.
Abaixo a versão finlandesa (traduzida) da coluna acima, com pequenas diferenças, e que achei no site da Evenstar Saima. Gostei mais desta, porque ele menciona o Vettel, seu amigo de travessuras!!! hehehehe...


I have to say that this is sometimes really difficult when nothing goes right. I haven't won in ages and I haven't scored many points. In Monza I could at least cross the finish line when in the last two races I had to leave by foot.

So now I have in this serie 5 races with no points. You don't have to be an Einstein to figure out that you can't fight for the WDC like this. It isn't over and we aren't giving up but then it would have to be a miracle like you would in Ice Hockey score from your own end of the cage for example.

Our car just doesn't work when it's raining and it seems like water is pouring in every race.

That's why it's unneccessary to talk about anything else than about the end of the race in Monza. When I can't get the tyres in the right temperature you can't do anything else other than drive and drive so that they would warm up. When the track was dry it was like I would have switched the lights on from the switch and after that we went again. It was just too late to do anything more. You couldn't even try and get one single point home when you were so far away.

The skills I have in driving in rain have not disappeared anywhere. We just have to get the car so that it would have traction in every condition. You can't do anything if you haven't got the traction.

If we would know what would help we would have done it ages ago. Now all we can do is try and improve the situation during the next test. We will drive in Mugello and it wouldn't hurt if it would rain all the time. We haven't had troubles on dry tracks.

What is great in racing is when you never know what is going to happen next. It was really nice when Seb won in Monza. He has a good car for raining conditions and a Ferrari engine. When we couldn't win it was good that Toro Rosso could party.

I will do my best right until the end. That's sure. More than anything I want to start winning again. It's such a long time since Barcelona that I don't even remember how sweet the victory felt.

Singapore is a different challenge when we drive at night and the weather can be anything possible. A new place is always a great experience and it's great to go there. I heard it always rains in the evening but you see when you are there what it's like. The lights are probably so bright that it will be like driving in daylight.

I still have the theoretical chances for the WDC but the most important thing is to get the car working. We don't think about anything else. We take the race so that we go forward situation by situation, whatever we face. The one who at the end of the season has most points wins the WDC.

Life will not end here. We made a new deal with Ferrari and I will drive at least for the two next seasons in the best team in the world. All we need right now is proper results in the end and a better feeling than the last races have given.

Beijinhos, Ludy


Anônimo disse…
Oi Ludy e Meninas,
Coitado do Kimi. Ele tem até que explicar: "I have not lost my skills for driving in the wet."

Também, SÓ ESSA SEMANA caiu a ficha do DOMENICALI: "Precisamos fazer algo que ajude os pneus a trabalharem nestas circunstâncias (de frio e chuva)."

Kimi e Felipe, coadjuvantes no Domingão do Domenicali...

Ei, vocês já viram esse video com a modelo de Esteira de Aeroporto, Tamara Ecclestone, com o Kimi?

Anônimo disse…
Pois é Henry, ele tem que fixar explicando algo que o incompetente do Domenicali já tinha que ter resolvido, porque este problema vem desde o início da temporada!!! Enfim....

Sobre o vídeo com a coisa da Tamara...afff!!!!Já conhecia sim!!! Foi em Madonna di Campiglio em janeiro deste ano!!!! Garotinha mais boba!!!! hehehehe

bjs, Henry
Lu M. disse…
"modelo de Esteira de Aeroporto, Tamara Ecclestone"????????????
Henry, minhas bochechas doem de tanto rir disto! hahahaha

Sobre kimi: eu confio nele e acho que se não der esse ano, o bi vem ano que vem. torcida é oq nao falta a ele e agora que ele vai trabalhar até 2010 quem sabe rola um tri???? hihihi

Esse Dominicali é um incompetente de marca maior... Quando que o Todt precisou do Schumacher buzinando nos ouvidos dele ano passado, por exmeplo?????
Dá um jeito nisso tio Montezemolo!!!!
Thiago Raposo disse…
Tomara mesmo que o problema com o aquecimento dos pneus sejam resolvidos para termos duelos mais acirrados...
abraços meninas...
Anônimo disse…
Ludy, Lu e Meninas,

Nem o Schumacher está dando conta no auxílio ao Domenicali. Qualquer hora, farei uma lista dos serviços prestados aos pilotos esse ano (drive-through do Kimi em Mônaco, reabastecimento do Massa no Canadá...e por aí vai).

Conheço alguém que pode dar uma força.
Ele é dono de lanchonete, sabe administrar e está acostumado com ambiente molhado. ELE É O CARA:

Henry, sinceramente, se você fizer esta análise, seria um favor, porque eu já perdi a conta!!!

Olha Thiago, eu acho difícil, mas vamos esperar né?

bjs para todos


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