Nico deve largar do pitlane...

Como desgraça pouca é bobagem, Nico que largaria em 18º deve sair do pitlane amanhã.
Tradução da ultima parte da matéria do F1 "Rosberg falou à tv alemã, 'provavelmente manhã largarei do pitlane porque teremos que trocar muitas coisas no carro'”.

Rosberg set to start from the pitlane

Nico Rosberg on Saturday said he will probably start the British Grand Prix from the pitlane after problems in qualifying.

The German racer dropped out in the initial 'Q1' qualifying period at Silverstone, when his FW30 struggled with an unidentified suspension problem that made the car bounce in the corners.

"It's making the car really hard to drive in the corners because it just jumps around all over the place," Rosberg said. "We've obviously been trying to find a solution throughout the sessions but, so far, nothing has worked."

Taking a car out of post-qualifying 'parc ferme' conditions carries the penalty of having to start the race right at the back.

Rosberg told German television: "I will probably start the race from the pitlane, because we will have to change a lot of things on the car."

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