F1 stars reveal three favourite driving songs

Ever wondered what your favourite drivers listen to when they aren't driving a Formula One car? Well, wonder no more...

Ahead of this year's U.S. Grand Prix the Circuit of the Americas has been asking the grid to name their favourite songs to listen to on the road. The circuit's official website has released the choices of a select group of drivers.

The three most popular artists in the list below appear three times: Bruce Springsteen (Born in the U.S.A), The Eagles (Hotel California) and Michael Jackson (Billie Jean and Thriller). Other standout selections include Valtteri Bottas' Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) by The Offspring, Daniil Kvyat choosing Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra and Jolyon Palmer opting the BBC's iconic F1 theme song "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac.

Nico Rosberg 

U2 - "Beautiful Day"
The Beach Boys - "Surfin' USA"
Kings of Leon - "Sex On Fire"

Sebastian Vettel 

Bruce Springsteen - "Born in the USA" 
Prince - "Little Red Corvette" 

Kimi Raikkonen 

America - "A Horse With No Name" 
Steppenwolf - "Born to Be Wild" 
PMMP - "Pikkuveli" 

Fonte: www.espn.co.uk

Que legal esta ideia do pessoal do COTA. Separei só as escolhas dos octetes que responderam, mas se quiserem ver o restante, cliquem aqui.

Mas cadê as escolhas de Jenson e Fernando?

Cara do Kimi escolher "Born to be wild" #amei

Beijinhos, Ludy


Manu disse…
Kimi tá nas antigas! hehehehehe...
Gostei de muitas escolhas, com exceção das do Hamilton - que me pareceu diferente de propósito. Mas...

E senti muita falta das escolhas de Jenson e Fernando. Ao menos não foram os únicos, pois escapou tbm o Sainz e os carinha da Manor.


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