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Kimi: Let’s keep fighting, ‘great people’ in all the team

“I like this track, it’s a nice and challenging circuit. When the car has a good balance and things run smoothly it’s great, but if you struggle to find the right set up it’s not the easiest place. If I remember well it was not too bad last year, so hopefully this year we can be strong. Starting from tomorrow we’ll see how it feels and what we found. This place is full of good and bad memories, like Jules’ accident: it was a very sad day. We have to do our best not to make it happen again. There’s been a lot of difference between teams in many races so now it’s impossible to say where we are compared the others. At the moment in the team we have all the tools, we have great people, compared to last year this season we have been doing a better job with my team. We have all the support we need from Italy from all the people who work in the factory, but we lack a bit the overall speed. We have to improve, but it’s not simple and takes time. It’s a bit painful where we have been finishing lately but this is part of F1, we keep fighting. There are a lot of small details that have to be correct, everybody is pushing. The fans here are great, very passionate, they always give us great support. Hopefully we can give them a good result.”

Seb explains reasons for being optimistic 

“Suzuka is a phenomenal track and I have been lucky to have had so many podiums and wins here. As for us, we are not happy with our performance so far, if we could change it in a day we would. The last race was obviously not very good in terms of Constructors points, but I still believe we should be up against the best in the next races. That’s our target. Despite the lack of success this year so far, I think it has been a very good season if I look at the process behind the scenes. Of course you don’t see it yet clicking and happening on the track but I think I wouldn’t swap with last year. It was good and we had some success, but I think to set ourselves out for the future is very important. We get along well together, the work inside the team has improved massively. The secret is not just to get the right people or to get them to work but also to get everybody to work with each other and this is something that has been tremendously improved. It’s not a secret I have very high expectations for myself first and if I can’t deliver I’m not happy, and in that regard my performance this season has been a bit up and down”.


Beijinhos, Ludy


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