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Belgian Grand Prix - “Maybe it’s going to be easier here”

Kimi has good feelings on ‘special’ track

Spa is a special track, similar to Monza in a way, in that it’s completely different from the new circuits. It has uphills and downhills, and the atmosphere is unique. I like this place a lot, it gives you good feelings, it has always been safe and it usually brings good racing. It’s hard to know what we will be able to achieve in this weekend, from our data it seems that it’s going to be easier than in the last race, but who knows… The weather is going to be nice all weekend, let’s see how it feels from tomorrow. Hopefully our car will fit well here and we’ll be able to fight in the front and make a good result. We keep trying to improve in all the areas in which we know we are not strong enough, but of course things are not going to suddenly change, it takes time and the other teams also are keeping improving. We want to do well and win, we’ll do our best.

Belgian Grand Prix - “More to see later in the season” 

Seb says changes for Spa are only the beginning 

I think that in the previous races we took a lesson that we definitely learnt. We were able to make some small changes for here, but I think we’ll see more later in the season. Giving also the fact that there was a break – but in reality we only had one and a half week to react – you can’t expect huge changes. For the tire allocation this weekend, we hope we don’t have to use the Medium, as it’s usually quite a lot slower. We are pretty confident we chose the right tires and just able to spend more time on the quicker tires. Driving the development Pirelli tires, as I did before the break, was an interesting experience. I was able to get a few laps on the dry, before to switch to Wet tires: they’re quite different but I think there is still a lot of homework to do for Pirelli but also for the teams, because the cars will be different. I like driving so I don’t mind having another test in Barcelona in a couple of weeks, I think it is interesting being part of the process, every opportunity you get to drive the car I’m not afraid of. 

About the earthquake in Italy, I think it’s dreadful. Yesterday morning, when I jumped in the car to go to the airport, I heard the message on the radio. They where speaking about six people that lost their lives and this number has just gone up so I hope it stops, I hope we can stop counting very soon. We obviously send all our condolonces and best wishes to the people and families involved. It’s horrible to see how much can happen in just one night.


Spa é sempre Spa, a gente que é torcedor do Iceman sempre fica um pouco mais esperançoso com esta prova, mas temos que ser realistas, ainda temos duas equipes à frente da Ferrari então se a vitória for possível de alguma forma para Kimi, será porque ele sabe o que faz por lá!

Beijinhos, Ludy


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