Russian Gran Prix - “So different from last year”

Kimi reckons combination of tarmac and tires “not the same as in 2014” 

“Last year, this circuit offered the combination of a brand new tarmac and different tire compounds from what we use this year. We found out that it could be difficult to make tires work, but on the other hand, they tended to last for very long time. This year we have Soft and Super Soft compounds, but this does not mean there are many similarities to Singapore. In fact, many things are different. The asphalt here is no longer new and tires are different as I said, so we’ll have to wait and see. Using a soft rubber does not necessarily give us bigger chances, but we’ll try our best. There are so many little details which can make big differences to the global picture. Overtaking here is not easy and that may put a premium on qualifying but in general, at least for us, when you come to a set-up that makes the car quick on a single lap, it will also be quick on race trim”.


Não tenho muitas expectativas para esta prova não. Fora que não gostei deste GP no ano passado, veremos o que será desta edição.

Beijinhos, Ludy


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